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Fiber Grow Coir Pellets
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The coir pellet is a disk made from compressed coir. It expands when it comes in contact with water and has a seek planting dimple on the top. The special biodegradable netting keeps the mini pots intact.

Benefits of Coir over Peat Pellets:
  • Higher resistance to mold Mold Growth!
  • Visibly better, faster plant growth
  • Holds more water
  • Retains moisture longer - Means less watering!
  • Up to 10x faster expansion
  • Made from a highly renewable resource
Fiber Grow products are made from coir which comes from the husks of coconuts. This highly renewable resource renews itself around 4x (coconuts) a year while peat lands renew at 1/25 inch a year. Coir also offers a pH neutral growing medium of around 5.5-6.8, while peat is more acidic giving a pH of 3.6-4.5. Another beneficial use of Fiber Grow products made from coir is its ability to retain water. Less watering is required for plants grown in our coir based products as they can survive drought conditions longer than peat.

Specifications: Contains Twenty Pellets. Pellet Diameter: 1.5 inches,

AKA: Peat Pellet, Jiffy-7

Manufactured by Planters' Pride

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